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Former NFL Player Jeff Herrod and Brandi Winans met in

2014 at the Annual NFLPA meeting on Orlando at The Trust

Locker Room Social.

They talked about the difficulties that players go thru when the

shoulder pads and helmet comes off and the player and family

are Lost on Transition. Brandi talked to he and his girlfriend

about her program and her experience as the wife of former

NFL Player Jeff Winans for over 34 years.

Brandi gave him her card and a few months later Jeff

contacted her and asked if she would speak further with his

girlfriend and help her understand what he was going thru.

Now, as a team, they work with both players and family

members to insure success in the next phase of their life,

creating a family team by developing a unique “Family

Playbook”, customized for their needs.

Having the knowledge as an 11 year former NFL player who

has transitioned and as a family member, they have created a

program that is a win-win for both sides.
200 2nd Ave South Suite 318
St.Petersburg, Florida 33701

E-mail: Brandi@Proathletestransition.com
US: +1 (727)-342-0419
Do You Have Your "Family" PlayBook ?