Words can't express how grateful I am that you have reached out to me...really that God has brought you to me. I felt so much better after speaking with you. Thank you. T.F Dallas

Thank you for those words of affirmation. You truly inspire me. God has so much need for you. You touch lives in such a beautiful way and those lives go on to touch others. You are an amazing beautiful soul with so much purpose. Lots of love. A.Z. Atlanta

Thank you so much. I appreciate your kindness and willingness to take the time to speak with me. Blessings. C. F. Fort Worth

You have been a rock and guide for me to get back on track and to be able to maintain. Thank you. B.J.

Thank you so much for all that you are doing to try to help find a way to stop this disease and help the loved ones of these players.  I commend you for your strength and honesty and the book that you wrote to help people understand what we go thru. S.M. Michigan

Do You Have Your "Family" PlayBook ?