Most Athlete Transition Companies are career oriented.

At Pro-Athlete Transitions, we focus on the family unit by developing a new “Family Playbook” to keep the family Unit Together, To help everyone understand what you are going through.
Athlete Transi tion C h all enges:  
  *Physical:  Injuries
  *Emotional: Depression
  *Career:  Financial difficulties
  *Family: Not understanding what you are going through

60-80% of NFL Marriages end in Divorce
Similar Percentages for NBA, NHL and MLB

Question:   What is Your Biggest Challenge? One or all of the Above?

4 Types of Fear

Fear of Failure


Athlete Challenges:
Family Member Challenges:
Phone Or Email

Fear of Success


Fear of the Unknown


Fear of the Family Not Understanding/ no support/no life skills


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We work with families and organizations all over the US and Canada via Phone, skype or in person that includes everyone in the family, one on one, or as a group.

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